We are looking for some legends to get behind the brand and represent SPONSURF on our trips abroad! You must be 18 years and older to apply and available to travel over Europe. The seasons we need reps are winter (Dec-late Jan), Easter (April - May) and summer (June - July). 

Successful applicants will be invited to attend the BUCs Surf Championship weekend in Newquay 14-16 October 2016. Here you will have a training/ taster weekend - find out a bit more about SPONSURF, help promote the brand and trips with the rest of the crew and get boozy. After this we will confirm whether you will be added to the rep list. Based on the amount of trips we run, you will be invited to rep. At this time we our unable to offer any payment towards the Newquay weekend or a 'waged' trip (when you are abroad) however, we will cover your flights alongside the inclusions of the trip you are going on. This is usually accomodation, food, transfers, wetsuits and boards. 

We will also make sure that you are SPONSURF'D up in our wavy threads.


What is your role on the trip?

  • Head out a couple of days early to the surf camp to make sure they have all the information they need for arrival and get to know the place
  • Help the camp staff out before their arrival and during with organisation
  • Make sure the surf club committee are happy and informed
  • Make sure the club members are having the most incredible time possible
  • Be super enthusiastic about everything
  • Lead the way to the night clubs
  • Offer guidance on the best places to eat nearby or activities to do
  • Help with transfers*
  • Take photos on trip

*Must have held a clean driving licence for at least 3 years. 


We look forward to reading your applications  - GOOD LUCK!

If you have been part of a society or club committee please answer the below
Most trips run Sat-Sat with Reps going out a couple of days before the guests arrive to make sure the camp is ready.