Range of Surf and Yoga Camps

We have carefully selected the best surf camps and yoga retreats across Europe for university groups and students to visit. The hassle of organising a trip has been stripped out too such as negotiating the best prices for you.

No added commission

Having been students ourselves, we understand that an affordable trip is a must. Therefore unlike most travel agencies, we charge NO added commission on top of the prices that you would get if you went direct to the camp! Further, through our fantastic relationships with our suppliers we are able to pass huge cost savings on to you.

Easy Payment

We will gather all neccessary passenger information which we can pass on to committees, unions and surf camps. Payments are super easy and secure to make through our booking platform. 

Committee Support

For university groups, we offer an unbeatable committee support service ranging from freshers fair support to committee training, to designing and printing trip flyers. 

Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for bringing the numbers on your trip! We can offer free places for group leaders depending how many people you can bring. Get your megaphone out and let them know where they could be off to! 

Always on Hand

Right from the first contact we have, we will always be on hand to discuss any of your thoughts or questions. On some of the trips there will also be a SPONSURF or SPONYOGA rep to help liase between yourselves and the camp and show you the best waves/ parts of town.


Part of a university club or society?

We work with clubs of all sizes

Start Up

Starting a univeristy club or society is hard work but it can be hugely rewarding. We can help you in various ways to make sure the obstacles to starting are reduced and that you have support needed to run your trip abroad.


If your club has just started to kick off and you are taking lots of members on a trip abroad, you will benefit from our advanced booking system. It hosts an easy-to-use payment gateway whilst ensuring all passenger details are collected, making managing a large amount of bookings run seamlessly.



Many surf camps or accomodation providers will try and accommodate large groups even when they don't have the real capacity to do so. Therefore when it comes to big groups, we ensure our partnered camps are suitable and their level of service does not drop meaning you still have a great holiday.

How it works
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