Land locked uni? SPONSURF's closest-break guide is here to help.

Thinking back on my last post, “When life gets busy…go surfing”, I realised that I had made massive assumption, that students know where their nearest breaks are!

Huge numbers of students around the country aren’t studying in their home towns, plus, often these towns are not exactly coastal. So how to help these poor souls, stranded in cities and hills far from the ocean?! SPONSURF has the answer.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing a series of posts, giving spot suggestions for landlocked areas of the UK (sorry all you costal uni’s, but you guys don’t need as much help, its on your doorstep!). From how to get there, what conditions work best at that break and where to go for a post surf pint, we’ve got the knowledge.

BUT we’re only going to give you a few suggestions for each region; we don’t want to spoil your fun. And lets be honest, for me at least, half the fun of surfing is going on a hunt, finding little secret spots and out of the way waves. Aaaanndd we’re not too keen to have a mob of angry locals outside our office, screaming that we have ruined their home break by sending hoards of students down there!

So without further ado, I’ll kick off with the Midlands; as its where I’m based currently, and give all you frothers a couple of solid east coast spots.

Midlands - East Coast


At the north end of the little town of Mablethorpe, between Grimsby and Skegness which you will find if you follow the A1031 coastal road from Cleethorpes.

A great little spot and one that’s regularly empty, probably due to the fact that you have to pay for parking nearby. But once your over that, the wave starts working at about 2ft and holds past 4ft, and is a sandy bottomed beach break so caters to all levels of surfers.

It needs a northerly swell, mid tides and the bank there creates both lefts and rights. When she’s really working, she’s known for sending long peeling lefts down the bay.

POST SESH FEED N’ PINT – “Liberty’s Dive Bar” is my top choice, just one street back from the beach. Reasonably priced with HUGE portions. Cool 60’s vintage décor, quality tunes and super friendly staff.


Sutton on Sea

Just a few miles south of Jabba’s, a really good spot when its 6ft plus up in Skegness. Generally a little smaller and cleaner, working best on a rising tide, low to mid.

But bear in mind this spot does have a rip or two, so make sure your concentrating!

The best thing about this break though is that on a north easterly swell with a westerly wind, you get some great little tunnels as the wave hollows out.

POST SESH FEED N’ PINT – “The Beach Bar” is a great local hang out, with awesome views over the north sea, good cheap beer and food. Not exactly Michelin star but certainly does the job. If your looking for something a bit snazzier check out the “Fat Seagull”, costs a bit more but insane seafood.



Cayton Bay

South of Scarborough on the A165, Cayton Bay is beautifully protected from cross shore winds by headlands on either side. This spot (unlike Jabba’s and Sutton, which are great for all levels of surfers) is more for your experienced surfer. It gets big out there!

The wave starts working under 3ft but holds up to 12. The sand bank sends out both rights and lefts, but that bank is littered with rocks, so beware!

The ideal tide for Cayton is a rising mid, and don’t worry if its looking a little scary, take a boogie board out (sacrilege I know) and you’ll have heaps of fun.

POST SESH FEED N’ PINT – Cayton is such a small town that you’re not exactly flushed with options. However, the “Tow Bar” has nice beer and a cracking roast on the weekends.