Land locked uni? SPONSURF's closest-break guide is here to help.

The Sponsurf spot guide is back!

Apologies for the wait, we have been pretty busy organising some oversea uni trips and getting more awesome camps on board! Talking about epic camps- we are off to Star Surf camp in Fuerteventura next week with Sussex for some waves, sun and the odd cerveza. Very excited. But for you those that are sticking it out in good'ol Blighty, donning hoods, gloves and booties, we have another guide for you; the Welsh coast. From Hells Mouth in the north, The Trap in the middle and Whitesands in the south, we’ve got spots for all levels, beginners to shredders. A helping hand from us at SPONSURF to begin your wave hunting adventures.

Hells Mouth - Abersoch

If you head over to Abersoch (where coincidently there is also another great beach), drive to the other side of the headland and you will find “the mouth”.  A really consistent spot, with the southern end of the beach sometimes known as “fishermans” produces smaller, sand bottomed, waves ideal for the less experienced surfer. The northern end pumps out hollow barrels over a reef, and hectic little wedges in the right conditions.

The best thing about this break is that you can turn up pretty much anytime of day when there is swell. It’s not hugely affected by the height of the tide (although a dropping tide is usually slightly better), but there is quite a lot of movement in the line up so keep your eyes out. 


Just off Abersoch High Street, the Porters Cove is cosy after an afternoon in the big wet. Food is great and the atmosphere is lively as its often busy. Although it’s not really my mug of ale, I am told they do a fine line in cocktails. 


Photo Credit: Phil Holden

The Trap – Aberystwyth

This is probably one of the most accessible breaks on the Welsh coast, easy parking on the promenade; you then walk down it towards the marina. It’s also a 5 min walk from the town centre and the train station so a car isn’t necessary.

Although the wave breaks over a rocky reef all surfers should feel at ease at The Trap. At 3ft its ideal for beginners to intermediates, but the more experienced among us can have some serious fun out there as the wave holds its shape up to 8ft or so. The conditions work at low and mid tide on a south westerly swell, with south easterly winds. You do have to be a bit careful as the tide drops though; some rocks do become exposed, so watch out if your prone to getting caught up in the session and staying out for hours!

The mid wales coast is known for being less consistent than the northern and southern ends of the coast. The Trap is one of the more reliable along this stretch and because of this it can get crowded, luckily though the locals are really inclusive and encouraging, so there is great atmosphere.


A short walk down from the castle, this small but modern restaurant produces some fantastic seafood with a nice little view over the beach and back up towards the castle. 


Photo Credit: N/A


Unlike Aberystwyth, this spot is a driver, through St Davids past the rugby club and just follow the signs. It’s a beautiful part of the coast, with heaps of coves and beaches north and south. A great area to do some secret spot hunts if you have the time.

I chose Whitesands over some of the smaller spots in this area because, like most of the breaks I’m talking about, it caters to all. Lifeguards are posted on the beach during the summer months, but come winter and both the cold and the waves begin to hit home, the waters are generally pretty quiet. A big old beach with plenty of waves and only a few people out – the dream right?!

So what you need to be keeping an eye out for when your trawling through the forecasting websites is again a south westerly swell and a south easterly wind, when you see it, its on!

POST SESH FEED/PINT -  Whitesands Beach Café

You are a bit strapped for options here but the café really does suffice. Although it doesn’t serve beer (which isn’t a problem if your like me and keep a cool box of beer in the car for just such emergencies) the food is top, beautiful cakes and a mouth-watering chorizo stew.


Photo Credit: Ma Sime's Surf Shop