Life as a SPONSURF rep

One week after being accepted I was sent to Octoberfest!

Oktoberfest isn’t the first place I expected to be sent by a surf travel company. The famous beer festival is set in the totally land-locked city of Munich, so it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that there isn’t a lot of surfing going on. Regardless, just three days after being accepted as a SPONSURF rep, I was being sent to Germany.

I headed over to London on Thursday to meet SPONSURF's buddies at Stoke Travel. I hopped on one of many buses that they run, all over Europe, every weekend of the festival. The journey took twenty hours, a rather brilliant game of flip cup and a failed attempt at port to port, but somehow I made it to the camp in one piece.

Stoke Travel campsites are an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. I challenge you not to have a good time with these guys. Even the rain, which lasted all weekend, couldn't kill off the party.

But hell, when unlimited beer and sangria cost only ten euros a day, you quickly forget that it’s raining.

My last day left me with a bit of time to kill so I took a break from the beer halls to explore the city. After a short walk, I found myself sitting on the bank of The Eisbach. If you haven't heard of this river, you’ve probably seen it floating around on one website or another. For those of you that have been living under a rock, people have been surfing here for the last forty years.

The surfing on this river is a definite must see and if you can track down a board and suit, it's worth giving a shot. Be careful though as this a pretty dangerous spot, not at all beginner friendly. Don't worry if you're not a pro, you can still get you river surf on. The Floßlände, a smaller, safer wave, just outside of the city is worth checking out instead.

If river surfing isn't grabbing you, then you must get in contact with SPONSURF about the 'Surf Safari' that Stoke Travel run. Picture surfing stripped back to its roots - a load of vans that goes through France and Spain to the best surf spots with the best bunch of people. Oh, and Stoke make sure the unlimited beer and sangria is a thing on this trip too! 

Now Oktoberfest may not have been how I was expecting to spend my first weekend as a SPONSURF rep, but I'm not complaining. I got to explore a new city, drink beer while dancing on tables and check out some of the coolest surfing I've ever seen. As far as post-uni life goes, I can think of worse ways to be spending my time.




If you are interested in becoming part of the SPONSURF team then let us know and this could be you. We have an internship program currently on offer alongside trip rep opportunities. Find out more about SPONSURF JOBS HERE


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