SmoothStar ... what's it all about?

Making surfers better!

Here at SPONSURF we take an interest far beyond that of just running surf trips for university groups. Having run clubs, ourselves, we understand the hardships of being 'the little guy' to the snowsport societies; often doing so without any funding; feeling like there is a constant battle with the uni unions and the difficulties trying to organise a UK surf trip when the closest break can be hours away and potentially flat. So, with this in mind, we set about trying to find some alternatives to keep you all going during term time. Drum roll please...

We introduce to you - SmoothStar, the surf skate company. 

Who are SmoothStar and why should I care, let me go back to watching surf videos on YouTube by myself?

In our mission to find the best possible partners for university surf clubs we discovered this delightful Australian company. As mentioned, the UK isn't blessed with non stop pumping waves and for those central unis, it can feel even worse. However, SmoothStar is about to give you another option to give you the surf hit you need. Now the wet part unfortunately is not available (unless someone puts a hose over you or you skate in the rain) ... which would be stupid... but the surfing part is pretty much there. These skateboards (a.k.a surf skate boards) allow you to practice your surfing moves on land! 

How does it work?

The SmoothStar product replicates the surf feel because the front truck has a special turning device called the SmoothStar Thruster. The Thruster makes the front of the board loose so the board can turn and drive off the back trucks – the same as you would with surfboard rails and fins… the feel is “rail-to-rail” surfing on land. 

You might have heard of Carver skateboards. In pre-predicting your question, yes there are similarities and yes they are lovely looking boards too. However, we have tried both and once you have too – you will be able to see the obvious difference that SmoothStar boards have. Don’t let the branding have you over … if you want to be a better surfer, grab a SmoothStar. 

Why are we so interested?

We first took a look at these boards in the Summer of 2016. Now our video shows us being the most average skaters you had ever seen. However, after spending some time on these things I can promise you that they are beyond average and we have improved. Stepping on one of the boards you will immediately fall off. But after getting some guidance which directly relates to the way you should surf anyways, we were set and have never looked back. The way we see these boards is a solution for all you surfers and universities that can't make it to the ocean as much as you would like to. At the moment we are looking at putting together a training program for surf skate instructors. These can be run across the country or across universities to get more people in to surfing and more people active.


But hey, we all can be dreamers but we need doers. If this is something that you would be interested in – be it as an instructor or a student then just let us know. Join the concrete revelation.