Why you should apply to be part of the Surf Club Committee

2 minute read

Reflecting upon our experience having started and been part of Surf Club committees not that long ago, we have comprised a few quick reasons why you should apply to take the reigns and ownership of your club.

  1. It looks freaking epic on your CV! Whatever role you take, you immediately stand out to an employer. If you really get involved with the club too, you will pick up a load of skills that you can chat about for ages rather than what modules you took but didn’t actually enjoy.
  2. You could get a free trip abroad. From all the universities we have ever worked with, it is the ones that pour their heart and souls in to their clubs that manage to get the most amount free committee spots. If you book a trip through SPONSURF, you can get a free spot every 10 or 20 spaces (more or less) depending on which destination and camp you go to!
  3. You get to wear the super cool ‘committee stash’. Design it, print it, expense it, wear it. If you need help with any of this, or are looking to run a trip abroad and want some sponsorship- pop us a message.
  4. Unless you are a complete tool, committee role equals free drinks on nights out (at least for the first few when student loans are still healthy). If for no other reason, this could save you around £30 a week. Result.
  5. Ever dreamed of standing behind the decks with your favourite DJ or running your own event? As a club you have power and numbers. As a committee member you have the ability to use these. No dream or idea is too big – just make sure you have the right people by you and plan well.
  6. Get in to our event at the BUCs weekend for free. More details to come but if you didn’t hear about our event last year with our good friends that run Cirque Du Soul… it was epic.

There are many many more reasons but we urge you to get involved as you will not regret it. For those that do get it this year - congratulations and get in contact soon to hear how we can work together. For those that don't, make sure you still go to the events and enjoy the year with the best type of people to grace any university club or society.