Why your Surf Club Should be Going to Lost Cove.

3 minute read

Almost one year ago to the day, we (SPONSURF) were lucky enough to be involved with the first ever Lost Cove Festival. Below is a brief outline of our weekend which hopefully will encourage you to pile into the minibuses and head down to this years' event!

When the weekend finally came around we chucked all the gear in to the van and headed Westward to Pembrokeshire with no expectations of what the weekend would hold. Like many that went, our journey was a relatively long one – we left a mate’s party in London at 12:30am, yep not the best time to start a long trip and somehow ended up in Cardiff City Football Stadiums car park at 4ish for a couple hours’ kip. With a few z's down we dragged ourselves to Greggs where one of our cards got rejected for a bacon sarnie. Real low. Finally, we arrived in Pembrokeshire, getting utterly lost for a long while thanks to the lack of signal, but made it to Whitesands just after 10am.

We quickly set up the gear and out came the boxes of Propercorn for all that were down there. Unfortunately, the Hueys decided that there should be only a foot of surf so the surf competition was called off. However, this did not stop all the Unis heading into the sea for a delightfully British frolic around. At one point a 9 or 12-man SUP even went out. Good on ya whoever that was.

After a glorious but fucking cooooold day, we weaved back through the lanes to the campsite. By this point the sun was setting, most people were falling in love with a local cider whilst others were having BBQ’s in the fields. Quite a vibe if you ask us. After accidently falling asleep in the van and panic drinking a bottle of wine each we ventured in to the barn. Met by a thumping baseline; funky artwork and décor and a packed out room, we spent the next six hours dancing with the rest of the student and local population. Needless to say, it was epic and when lights finally came on – everyone was still there chanting for more.

From individuals that have run surf clubs in the past we value what Lost Cove offers more than anyone. BUCs down in Newquay is an epic weekend away and so too are all the local trips you might run. But when you strip back all the dated nights that some 40-year-old puts on for you (no offence BUCs), and ya hand the power back to like minded students running a massive weekend for Unis all across the UK… now that is a weekend you have to go to.

This year it’s going to bigger and better! Fact. The crew have brought in headliners, ‘The Correspondents’ and ‘Dub Smugglers’. SPONSURF have taken over the running of the surf competition. It has changed format this year from a formally run event to a ‘Foamy Only’ fun event supported by the Californian legends, Catch Surf. Despite it being a ‘fun' surf competition, there are still epic prizes including a free trip to Morocco – thanks to Sunshine Surf, meaning everyone has an equal chance of winning.

This festival is more than just an opportunity to get all your crew together for an epic weekend. It’s about being part of a journey. It is guided by every single attendee’s feedback and created for your surf clubs specifically in mind. Make sure you are part of it and as the boys say, see you back on the beach.