The ultimate University surf trip - Why you need to go on stoke travel's van surfari

Stoke Travel, named for that dangerous activity among teens, not the town in Northern England (watch this video on the dangers of being stoked) are a company well-versed in the art of showing their guests how to party, especially on their Basque Country Van Surfari.


Why you should apply to be part of the Surf Club Committee

Reflecting upon our experience having started and been part of Surf Club committees not that long ago, we have comprised a few quick reasons why you should apply to take the reigns and ownership of your club.


Why your Surf Club Should be Going to Lost Cove.

Almost one year ago to the day, we (SPONSURF) were lucky enough to be involved with the first ever Lost Cove Festival. Below is a brief outline of our weekend which hopefully will encourage you to pile into the minibuses and head down to this years' event!


SmoothStar ... what's it all about?

Here at SPONSURF we take an interest far beyond that of just running surf trips for university groups. Having run clubs, ourselves, we understand the hardships of being 'the little guy' to the snowsport societies; often doing so without any funding; feeling like there is a constant battle with the uni unions and the difficulties trying to organise a UK surf trip when the closest break can be hours away and potentially flat. So, with this in mind, we set about trying to find some alternatives to keep you all going during term time. Drum roll please...


Life as a SPONSURF rep

Oktoberfest isn’t the first place I expected to be sent by a surf travel company. The famous beer festival is set in the totally land-locked city of Munich, so it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that there isn’t a lot of surfing going on. Regardless, just three days after being accepted as a SPONSURF rep, I was being sent to Germany.


Landlocked Universities Nearest Surf Breaks: WELSH COAST

Land locked uni? SPONSURF's closest-break guide is here to help.

The Sponsurf spot guide is back!


Landlocked Universities Nearest Surf Breaks: MIDLANDS

Land locked uni? SPONSURF's closest-break guide is here to help.

Thinking back on my last post, “When life gets busy…go surfing”, I realised that I had made massive assumption, that students know where their nearest breaks are!


When life is busy... go surfing

I went surfing the other day! Now I’m sure this statement is hardly surprising, and certainly not worthy of an exclamation point, but as someone who goes to a university a good few hours from a decent break it was pretty exciting.

My work is beginning to pile up, as the stress starts to creep in and everyday big city life gnaws away at my (very limited) brain space, the need to escape for a while grows.


Surfing could be in the 2020 Olympics... say what!!?

In case you hadn’t already heard the news- Surfing, along with Baseball/Softball, Sport Climbing, Karate and Skateboarding, was proposed as a potential additional sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics, hosted by Japan. The proposal, made by the Tokyo Olympic Organising committee, follows an earlier bid put forward by the ISA (International Surfing Association), a move backed by the WSL, who have released the following statement –


Red Bull Unleashed 2015 and the Future of UK Surf Competitions

Red Bull Unleashed 2015 and the Future of UK Surf Competitions

This weekend I witnessed a part of surfing history. And no it wasn’t at Pipe, or Cloud Break, or J-Bay, but in the tiny village of Dolgarrog, north Wales.  It was here that crowd favourite Albee Layer stormed to a victory over 24 of the top free and completion surfers about, in the first ever stadium surf competition miles away from the ocean.


How and why to get sponsors for your university club or society

How and why to get sponsors for your university club or society 

Sponsors for university clubs or societies are not a new concept. They have been around for years and have supported clubs in many ways from funding to providing team kit and of course the one that none could do without...drink discounts! Getting companies and brands to support you is awesome because you can piggyback off their established reputation to make your clubs look even better. However, it is time to start thinking about this more clearly...