Sunshine Surf Morocco


Sunshine Surf Morocco is located in the small village of Tamraght. Set up by professional surfer Reda Benhima and his partner, Sunshine Surf Morocco offers a completely unique experience. With a pure focus on guests having the best possible time, the friendly staff will leave you feeling like part of the family. The accommodation on offer includes reasonable priced private and shared dorms. At the top of the building is a terrace with views across the town and down to the ocean. High speed Wifi is available throughout the house and daily house-keeping also.



Sunshine Surf Morocco have a brilliant chef whom cooks a wide variety of dishes. This includes traditional tagines and berbere meals. A terrace BBQ is often a classic not to be missed either! The important thing is that you will be well fed after a long day of surfing. Oh one more thing - mint tea is like water and you should drink lots of it... it is amazing!!


Yep, there is a club, well actually multiple clubs in Agadir. Can't say it has the same scene as London, Brighton, Bristol or Leeds but there is a floor where you can drink and get down to the funkiest Euro beats. More locally to the area, there is a bar with music at Paradise Plage on Tuesday nights which tends to attract every visiting surfer and is a great laugh!

Surf guiding/ lessons + equipment

Sunshine Surf Morocco offer surfing lessons for beginners and intermediates. They also run guiding for those that can surf already. Having a pro running the shots means surf guiding just became a whole load more interesting too. Reda knows every single spot in the area like the back of his hand, including all those secret ones which don't appear on the maps. There a range of boards to rent, however as always we advise that if you are a keen surfer and you have your own board to bring it. If it gets damaged whilst you are out there, which has happened to us on multiple occassions - the result of taking stupid drop ins, there is an excellent shaper in town that will repair it on the cheap.