Surf Maroc - Amouage


Amouage is a luxury and boutique hotel offering the highest quality accommodation in the area. With a variety of accommodation options, this hotel and surf camp offers a bar and kitchen producing the best of Moroccan food; a spa, infinity pool and cinema. This camp is perfect for those looking for a high quality surf trip, or any corporate firms looking to send their employees out on the best possible surf trip.


The Amouage Kitchen offers a range of small dishes between 11am to 4pm. There is a variety of options tickling even the fussiest of tastebuds, varying from local traditional dishes to international classics. All food is sourced locally and fresh.

Surf Equipment & Lessons

Surf Maroc have been in the business for many many years. They have qualified instructors catering to all abilities with a range of surfing equipment to suit. For begginners a coures if offered to get you up and standing within no time. You will be taken to the best and most stuiable breaks and beaches depending on your surfing level.